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with us a positive one.  
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"I just wanted to let you know that the cake was
awesome...not only was it beautiful, it was also
delicious.  It was the talk of the party even before
we cut into it.  Thank you so much for
participating in such a special day for our family!"
                 Heather G.
                 Louisville, KY
"Just wanted to thank you for the absolutely
beautiful job you did on the shower cake.  
Everyone ranted and raved over it. ...You can be
sure I will use your services again at the next
                 Gladys C.
                 Louisville, KY
The Wedding Cake
"You did it!  You managed to impress 181 people
with your talents!  Did you know one of my mom's
friends had 3 pieces!  You're amazing - oh my -
we can't thank you enough!"
               Derek & Kristine
               Chicago, IL
"Both the cakes were wonderful and beautifully
decorated.  Thanks for your creative design on
the Wildcat-Firefighter-Harley groom's cake!"
             The Woods
             Louisville, KY
"The cake was beautiful!  We received so many
comments on how delicious it was, too.  We
even enjoyed the cake the next day."
           Kim & Billy
           Louisville, KY
"The cake was beautiful!  I was very pleased
with the decoration.  You are very talented.  
(The cake was) also VERY DELICIOUS, there
wasn't a single piece left.  Everyone
complimented on the beauty and flavor of
the cake."
           The Hursts
           Shelbyville, KY
"Thank you so much for making our wedding
cake!  It was absolutely gorgeous and tasted
even better than we remembered.  All our
guests loved it and we can't wait to have it  
again on our 1st anniversary.  Thank you!"
               Cate and Jason
               Louisville, KY
"Thank you so much for going above and beyond
to make a beautiful cake for our special
day....We're still receiving compliments on how
gorgeous it was.  We'll definitely be
recommending your services to our friends."
               Kyle and Maurice
               Louisville, KY
"Just wanted to say how beautiful and delicious
our wedding cake was.  Thanks for making our
day so special."
             Karen and Kevin
             Louisville, KY
"Wow!!!  What a beautiful and delicious birthday
cake!!  Katie had the best 13th birthday thanks
to you and your creativity with cakes.  It was
fabulous.  "
           The Bush Family
           Grayson, KY
"Thank you Vanessa for all the hard work you
did on our wedding cake. It tasted GREAT! Our
wedding day was so very special to us, and to
have found someone so kind and talented to
work with, we feel very blessed. We will highly
recommend you to anyone. Keep up the good
work. By the way, congratulations to you. Your
hard work really shows with all of your awards. "
           Ashley & Seneca
           Louisville, KY
"Thank you so very much. Our daughter's 21st
birthday cake was a huge success. The cakes
were the talk of the guests. Loved by
all.....once again, a job well done."
           Brenda & John
           Louisville, KY
"You totally made my daughter's birthday,  
She was SOO excited to have a princess
castle cake, and everyone was asking for
your number too =)!"

              Louisville, KY
"The cake looked WONDERFUL!  It looked
exactly like I wanted!  The colors, the designs,
EVERYTHING was perfect!  We received
compliments on the cake all night long.  You
are truly wonder the Spendloves
recommended you!"

           The Welshes
           Louisville, KY
"Just a note to let you know that the hamster
cake was a hit!!!  Everyone loved it!  We had fun
showing it off.  I can't believe how Mary looked
so real.  You are very talented."

           Kim G.
           Louisville, KY
"Just wanted to thank you again for the
wonderful job you did on the cupcakes.  The
bride was delighted as well as the mother of the
bride.  I always anticipate and you never
               Louisville, KY
"The cake was a big hit with our party, definitely
the "wow" factor.  You did a great job!!!!  Thanks
again for all the hard work.  "
           Theresa W.
           Louisville, KY
"...We loved working with you and appreciate, so
much, the grace and skill you brought to the
           The Shaws
           Louisville, KY
"I just wanted to let you know how much we all
loved the cake.  Hallye was so excited...We
couldn't have asked for a better result! "
           Melodie O.
           Louisville, KY
"Thank you so much for making the wedding cake
for our special day.  It was gorgeous and
delicious!  And the groom's cake was too cute!  
You were such a pleasure to work with and we
will definitely recommend you to our family and
         Amanda & Jeremy
         Louisville, KY
"...Thank you so much for the [wedding] cake.  It
turned out great and everyone was impressed
by how pretty and unique it was!"
       Heather N.
"Thank you so much for being a part of Amanda's
and Jeremy's special day.  The artistry of your
cake was the talk of the reception before and
after it was sliced!  We enjoyed working with you
and would gladly recommend you to anyone
desiring a special, delicious cake."
       Colleen B.
       Louisville, KY
"I just wanted to let you know how much we all
loved the cake, especially Hallye.  It was just
perfect!  And tasted great, too!   Thanks so much
for making time for us again this year, we really
enjoyed it!"
              Melodie O.
              Louisville, KY
"Vanessa, thank you for being so thoughtful and
for all of your expert advice. This wedding cake
was THE most beautiful ever. Please use our
pictures so everyone can see for themselves.
You are truly gifted! Oh, and the cake was
yummy, yummy, yummy!
              Murphy - Dorriety Family
              Louisville, KY
"...thank you for the beautiful wedding cake you
made for us!  It photographed so well and tasted
absoluely delicious!  On top of that you were
such a joy to work with...Thanks again for your
attention to detail and your hard work.  You have
an AMAZING talent...!"

eather K
            Louisville, KY